Rugs are Hard

Well…rugs aren’t literally hard. Usually and hopefully, they’re soft and comfy to sit on.

Rugs have been one of the hardest, most expensive and most difficult things to buy. So many things to consider, ya know? Let’s consider some of the most important things to consider:

1. Size: you really don’t want one too small or too big. (We are dealing in the too small department because big ones can cost $700+). Some tips I’ve heard/read:

domino-the book of decorating: “standard rugs measure 6×9, 8×10, and 9×12. Whether you go the standard or custom route, get one that leaves 4″ to 8″ bare floor on all sides, so it looks intentional, rather than like imprecise wall-to-wall. Rugs with borders tend to be more traditional and are a nice way to lend polish to a room.”

They also say: “conventional wisdom says all four legs of the sofa should be on or off the rug, but if you’re buying a standard size rug and the math just doesn’t work out, don’t panic-having two legs on is also okay.” –which is good because we have two sofas in our living room, and its a long room, as opposed to a square or wide rectangle, so one of our sofa suffers from “two-legs on”.

So that’s what we’ve got for “rules” on size. Let’s show some bad sized rugs:

From here

Is this even real? Who thought that would work?

And now for some rugs that are the proper size:

emerald green white living room interior design

I’m pretty sure I could live in here. Pic from here. All the  major furniture fits and who doesn’t love that emerald green that’s trending? Such a busy rug usually needs plain furniture, which they pulled off really well.

Warm tones

Loving this (originally from Dwell magazine I think). Even though everything is not on the rug, the size totally works. I’m also loving that wall paint…I may have to try that.

Okay, now that we see why size matters, lets move on to the color/pattern part.

Again, domino states: “A rug that brings in all the colors of the room can pull a space together; a patterned rug is often used to offset a scheme full of solids. But don’t feel compelled to introduce a pattern–sometimes  a textured solid rug can add all the interest you need”.

This is a hard one for me. I see so many pretty patterned rugs and oriental style rugs, and so I think you’ve got to decide where in the room you want to add interest. If you have plain sofas (which I do because I feel like I won’t get bored with them as quickly, then you can add a patterned rug. But a busy rug with busy pillows on a busy sofa could get a bit overwhelming if done in an ugly way. Although it could totally be awesome as well–sometimes busy busy busy looks really pretty pretty pretty (I couldn’t resist).

See?  It works because they left the walls white.Rita Konig

See?  It works because they left the walls white. VIA Apartment 34

Okay so there ya have it, a little rug lesson on a friday. Whoever thought rugs were boring was wrong. Rugs are awesome, and in a house like ours that’s hardwood in every room (which we love), you toats need rugs. Now, gotta get ready to head to the lake for the weekend. Thanks for reading and I hope y’all enjoyed the bathroom redo!


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