Pretty in Pink

That’s right y’all. I did it. If you’re my Facebook friend, or follow me on Instagram or Twitter…you saw a little sneak peek of what I was up to. While David is away, Beano will paint. As I said before, we were in desperate need of a bathroom redo. Here it is!

IMG_2899[1]  IMG_2907[1]


David’s opinion? “It needs to grow on me”. Fair enough. I’ll take it. He did say that he liked it “darker” again. But go on…put your hand up to your screen and cover half of that picture above. Isn’t it so much more lively and festive? This morning I walked in and felt really chipper! Okay, that’s a wee-bit of an exaggeration, but c’mon. It’s way better than the khaki because it really brings out the pink.


DSC_0576  DSC_0582  DSC_0584

and AFTER:



Soooo good, right? So much brighter and lively! No, the lighting in the room didn’t change. I just took the “before” pics right before I painted, so it was dark. And I took the afters in the morning, hence the light.

I have to admit, when I opened that can of paint, I said, “oh shit.” (Just keepin’ it real). My brain was already thinking about having to return the paint to Home Depot (which you can do BTW), but it was perfect.

DSC_0589  DSC_0590

As I always suggest, I pay a smidge more for Behr Paint and Primer in One (eggshell)–which was like $14 for a quart. It was really good, I got great coverage, and we already had the rest of the supplies. Plus I have leftovers in case I want to paint anything else berry pink (I’ll give the real color name when I can, I don’t have it in front of me)!

So $14 total for a much-needed bathroom update ain’t bad! Plus–it’s pretty and it makes me happy. As promised, I did all of the painting myself, and even washed out the brush myself (which David knows I hate doing—the paint never gets off! Used rollers=trash). I’ll def have to do a follow up post with some more styling…but for now, I just wanted to show the after pics! As far as styling, since the bathroom already has gold-tone fixtures, I’m thinking…

gold, pink, white…and either green or navy as another accent color. I think the green would be fun b/c I have navy in other places. Thoughts? Lastly, I did check with my style-go-to-twitter-friends to see what they thought about painting the ceiling or not. I’ve heard John and Sherry of Young House Love recommend painting a ceiling in a small space because it makes it cohesive and doesn’t “stop the eye movement”–so it’s all like “whoah…man…where does the wall end and the ceiling begin…I’m freakin’ out man…”, but I didn’t do anything til I got some advice. Luckily, I got a “no” from both, so yay, less work for me. So there ya have it! Leave a comment…whatcha think? Love it? Hate it? Wish it was brown? Wish it was khaki?

IMG_2938[1] IMG_2939[1]


10 thoughts on “Pretty in Pink

  1. A. I love the color, you should get some towels to match.
    B. My favorite part of this post is where you called the paint returnable right above the picture that says “not returnable” in bold because it’s a color match. (I was looking for the name of the color)

  2. I say……love the color. Find towels that bring it all together. I would feel chipper leaving that bathroom too. And tell David that real men LOVE pink……

  3. IF you do paint the ceiling, you want to go a lighter shade. (typically by 10-25%) because of the way light plays off of walls vs ceilings. If you use the same color on the walls and the ceilings the ceiling usually comes out looking much darker while using a lighter shade usually has them coming out looking the same.

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