Stately Women

Forgive me for being absent in case you were coming to see what was new. The past few weeks have been extremely busy, I am watching two or three gray hairs grow out of the top of my head (I haven’t pulled them out yet though because when else can you actually WATCH your hair one at a time), but I’m pretty sure my eating habits, my workout habits and my sleep habits have all taken a toll. My excessive coffee habits are right on track though. So is my excessive mileage for work. So yay for that.

In the meantime though, I must push forward with all the work stuff. And one of the most exciting “work stuffs” is happening tomorrow. It’s Public Policy Day and we all get to get all fancy and spend the day at the SC State House and schmooze politicians. Yes, I strategically picked an image that hid the confederate flag that is still flying out front. I personally do not endorse that. In 2013. Because it’s 2013. I digress…

It’s a really cool experience and the folks at my office who do policy (like as their job)–and they’re all super pumped. The rest of us are even more pumped about figuring out what to wear! While all of the meeting and greeting and sharing agendas is really cool, it’s also really cool that we get to dress up and be all extra-adultish for a day.

Sure, we are adultish most days, but my office is luckily filled with tons of people in my age range 20’s and 30’s, and so sometimes its more like we’re all getting together in one place for a “study group” as opposed to “coming to work”–I borrowed that quote from a friend…you know who you are.  But that’s what makes us not dread Mondays and not dread work events like the one tomorrow (like how I brought it back around like that?).

All kidding aside, we get a lot of good stuff done around here. We’re smart. We’re motivated. And we happen to all dress well too…no crime in that.

So what’s on the hanger for tomorrow? Here are some State House acceptable options for the ladies (sorry Brent, our lone dude. You should wear a suit. A good looking one).

Here are some of my thoughts.

simple Basic Black: I’d do it with wide leg slacks and not skinny jeans at the state house, but you can’t go wrong with classic black. Plus the leather sleeves are totally low-key in this number, and I think they add a little funk. I’d do it. Add a fun necklace or heels and you’ve got quite the look.

Tory Burch Fall 2012 Lookbook

Thank you Tory Burch for your wonderful style. Always. I mean, this is so classic and pretty. Yet kinda unique. I am loving the green skirt, and it’s again, subtle.

Great silhouette

Black pants (again wide leg please) with a printed top. Gives some interest and is still conservative. Add a black “snood”, my word of the weekend, and you’d be good to go if it was chilly. Which it’s not. It’s January and it was almost 80 degrees today in SC.

9to5 chic

One of my favorite blogs, 9 to 5 chic, has great work-wear suggestions. Anh, the blogger, is always classic and on-trend, with a little something different. While her tastes tend to be out of my price-range, her outfits are always lovely and can usually be replicated with H&M, Zara and other places that I love. Neutrals are great for all seasons in my opinion, and that shoe is really pretty.

A pretty print would be fine as well, plus dresses are super easy. I’d do tights again (to be conservative)–don’t want to give off the wrong impression.

#Anthropologie #MadeInKind #Karen Walker #RuchedDragonflyDress

Lastly, if you want a little color, I think it would totally be okay to wear this Anthropologie Dress (obviously I’d wear tights and a blazer/coat as well so that you’re noticed, but not distracting).

All of these clothing items can be found on my Pinterest Board, Working Woman, and if people are responsible pinners, they should link to where the image came from.

Here’s hoping Public Policy Day is a great success, and that we all look great too! (Can’t hurt!)

Creds: Linked with their image.

State House Pic:


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