Bathroom Dilemma

Alright y’all, here’s a DIY Dilemma we’ve been struggling with for a while. Enter PINK TILED BATHROOM. So, I was really excited when we were doing our “walk-through” at this house when I saw the cute little vintage bathroom. I grew up in a house with a teeny tiny pink tiled bathroom, and another one that was blue-tiled. I love the idea of it, ya know? Feels like you could do something really cute with it. Well, the problem is that we keep trying and we keep getting more and more disappointed. I’ve scoured Pinterest. I’ve looked in magazines. Everyone who tries to make the pink bathroom look cute doesn’t do it well. Ourselves included.

Here she is:


Some of you may be thinking, “hm….that khaki color isn’t too bad”–but it is so washed out and bland in my opinion. It makes the pink look gross, as opposed to making the pink tile the star! The built-in cabinets are awesome. Sorry, we clearly need a better “before” picture. The toilet is in the corner, and the shower/tub is across from the sink/mirror.

Here is what Pinterest has offered. All of which are just “fine” or…not so much.

Retro, vintage style bathroom with pink tiles

 Vintage wallpaper and bubble gum pink tiles were used for Hilly Holbrook’s bathroom. 1960's southern style from the movie The Help seen here from  Atlanta Monthly Magazine  Country Retro Pink Bathroom Design For Megan Retro Renovation   Pink Tile Bathroom

So, a lot of wallpaper solutions that I’d be totally down for except that we’re renters. And wallpapering anything would make our homeowner hate us. And so I actually stood in the bathroom for a while running through a mental color wheel. It went something like this.

Red: maybe. Red and pink work well in fashion. But normally its a hotter pink than what we’re dealing with. Orange: Also could be a good retro suggestion, but no. Orange doesn’t make me happy. Yellow: no. Green: maybe in accents here and there, but no. Blue: no. Purple: traditional purple, no. Brown: it was really dark brown when we moved in. And we stuck it out for a while because we didn’t know what else to do. But I really didn’t like the color. While I liked the moodiness of a dark color, brown was not it for me. Some people think small spaces need a light color and while I get the idea, sometimes I think it makes it better to make it super dark and dramatic. The brown was like Neapolitan ice cream–we thought it had to go. Black: no. White: no. too plain. Creme/beige/khaki: after bringing in lots of swatches, that is what we ended up deciding on in our last go round. David thinks its fine…livable. I on the other hand, being the woman that I am, get annoyed about it every time I go in the bathroom. And then I had an epiphany. What would make the pink look good? PINK. I know, genius right? (y’all. stop shaking your heads). I began visualizing pink on pink things–knowing that while I visualize, I also need to be thinking of a good excuse for explaining why David will be leaving me.

Don’t leave yet. Let me explain. Here’s my inspiration, okay?

They created the shades of pink by starting with a deep fuschia (Pantone Blushing Red) and adding a bit of white incrementally for each band of color. Such a great idea, and so much more cost effective than buying a can for each stripe! You can see more of the couple's house at The Wallflower, including other happy paint choices used throughout their home.  Do it in blue in the bathroom!

See where I’m headed with this? Good, right? Like a darker pink–fuchsia/berry pink.

Well…I have David on board about 80% (probably because the convincing started on my birthday and he felt like he couldn’t say no). Let’s not gender stereotype and say things like “no man would like a pink room” because I know that’s not true. I just didn’t marry one. But I think the idea is growing on him because…

1. it’s a bathroom which feels like a good place to experiment (small room=cheap paint job).

2. I told him I’d paint it myself.

3. We’re renters! We get to play and practice stuff here so we know what we like/don’t when we get our own house. Our homeowner is gracious enough to let us do almost anything (like I mentioned in the post about us hanging a bar across the room to make a closet).

So let’s see what the public thinks. I’ve created a little poll about what to do in this little DIY Situation of ours. Operation baño.


9 thoughts on “Bathroom Dilemma

  1. The whole time I was reading throught your color wheel brainstorm I was thinking, “when is she just gonna come on out and say, ‘berry’?”
    And then you did. I think it’s the best option. But those pinterest finds have some pretty good ugly options.

    • I’m so glad you agree! The only other semi-good option I’ve gotten is charcoal grey, but I really like the idea of all the pink and then adding maybe green and gold accessories. Beautimous.

  2. All the pink color talk makes me think of “blush and bashful” from Steel Magnolias! I have a similar retro bathroom issue, accept our tile is a light blue. I’m on my 3rd shower curtain trying to find the color combo I like before painting! Can’t wait to see what you decide!

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