Lucky Me

Lucky me. I am a really lucky girl. I’m married to a wonderful man who I love more and more after 8+ years of being together. He puts up with me and all my weird songs and dances that I occasionally break into, and if I had to guess, I’d say he loves me more as the years go on as well. After he finished work on Sunday, my 28th birthday, he came and swooped me up from the house. He wanted to take me on a movie-date. We got there and the line outside was like 20 people long. We never have to wait in line for a movie in Columbia, unlike when we lived in NY. I don’t think either of us had our heart set on seeing a moving with our time together (which is hard to get on a Sunday), so what did we do? What all couples do.

We went to Home Depot together! This sounds weird but I think John and Sherry will agree, this can be a really fun afternoon for couples. We think about projects to do, we “nest” and pick out imaginary hardwood floors and bathroom tiles that we won’t actually buy anytime soon. Doesn’t everyone do this? Okay, okay…we actually went with a few things in mind (a lighting solution for our basement/laundry area), paint (for a secret project), grout cleaner…just some basics. But I love Home Depot. I also love Office Depot for the record–just the smell of office supplies…smells like organization, ya know?

While we were out I’d grabbed one of my gift bags to open while we were in the car because I wanted to open one gift. My parents got me an iPhone Giant (credits to my friend Jess for thinking of that), aka an iPad Mini. It is really cool! I love it! Can’t wait to bring it to meetings and play on Facebook while also looking really tech-savvy and smart. I kid…I kid…

After our trip to Home Depot, we ran home to drop off the iPad (didn’t wanna leave it in the car), let the dog out…open some gifts! David must have been following my gift Pinterest Board (and my parents must have too which is awesome!) because here are some of the FAV’s!! Thank you guys for all the wonderful stuff!


The necklace I wanted! I may get a little longer chain, but I love it! So pretty!

Lacquer Jewelry Box from West Elm (I got the big white one). LOVE!

MICHAEL Michael Kors Ribbed Poncho

Large Poncho (in black) also from my Pinterest Board from Mom and Dad! So comfy!

After the gift opening, we ran to the mall. David had some holiday returns to do, and I wanted to “browse”. I got some cute work clothes from Forever 21 (yes, they do have cute things…you just have to dig, remember?). We made Pizza at home that night, which is one of our favorite things to cook together. We ate pizza and watched Downton Abbey. While my actual birthday was low-key, I was okay with that. I’ve had a stressful week after the holidays, returning to work and whatnot, and so, it felt good to watch Downton and eat homemade pizza, with a glass of wine of course.

Thank you again for all your Birthday wishes the last week or so! It was really nice if y’all to think of me. Oh wait: you think I am done? Well…I am. But David has a little something to share today. Stay tuned–in a few hours we’ll have a second post from David. See y’all again around 2pm!


3 thoughts on “Lucky Me

  1. 1. It’s true – I do love you more and more as the years go on. And I don’t think that will ever change. Even with your weird love for office supply smells. (Nobody else thought that was weird? Y’all are just too polite.)
    2. Katy and Bean wearing the same necklace — FAH TWINSEA.

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