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NOTE FROM BEAN: Today Marks my 50th (and 51st now) post! Woo hoo! To celebrate, a double-doozie for ya–aka 2 posts in one day! Which reminds me…at the mall on my birthday I got one of these Double Doozies (I only get them like once a year because they are so disgustingly gross and yet so amazingly good at the same time).
Moving on.  Here’s the man of the house to talk about one of his biggest hobbies. Meet David, the music snob.
Well, we’re over a week into the new year, so I’m probably really late with this, but before we get too far into 2013, a look back at some music from 2012.I’ve been wanting to do this for a couple of weeks now, ever since David O’Brien of the AJC (Braves’ beat writer) submitted his list of his top 50 albums of 2012.  Only, there’s no way I’ve got a top 50 albums of the year. Not even a top 10 — but I do have several albums from 2012 that I’d like to recommend. Think of this as a “David Recommends” kind of post (hopefully that’ll get Joe Thomas to write a blog post with his favorite music from last year!).

Before I get into them, I know that there’s a ton of great music from last year that I should be including on here. If it’s not on here, it’s because I’ve spent little to no time with those CDs. There are either plenty of CDs my friends like or highly acclaimed CDs — Lee Bains, Frank Ocean, Shovels and Rope, Bruce Springsteen, Alabama Shakes, Leonard Cohen, Killer Mike, Big Boi, Band of Horses, the list goes on — but I just haven’t gotten to know these well enough. But hey, I guess that’s what 2013 will be about.

Before I get into those albums, though, I’d be sorely remiss not to mention that my cousin, Brady Sklar, made a CD last year. You can listen to it online here, but really, you should BUY IT and download it. There’s a link on the page for purchase — and he even lets you name your own price. Awesome.
Alright — here are the ones from 2012 I’ve listened to over and over and love. I recommend purchasing any of them.
The Walkmen, “Heaven” — I’m new to The Walkmen, so I can’t compare this one to their others, but this is an excellent album. By no means perfect, what with several tracks that lull a bit too much, although I’ve grown to really like those as well. They remind me of R.E.M. quite a bit, which is probably why I like ’em a lot. Favorite track: “Heaven”

Dr. John, “Locked Down” — I started listening to this one after my brother, Matt, recommended it, and it’s got such a cool funky sound to it. Favorite track: probably “Ice Age,” but the priest in me really like “God’s Sure Good”

Todd Snider, “Agnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables” — I was vaguely familiar with Todd Snider before getting a copy of this cd from Jimmy Hensley, a friend of the Varners’ at Lake Santeetlah. This isn’t a very polished or clean record, but to me that’s what makes it great (like Neil Young’s “Tonight’s The Night”). Favorite track: “In the Beginning”

Japandroids, “Celebration Rock” 
— Favorite CD of the year. I got this one while in Charleston at Earshot Records out in West Ashley (Mester’s boyfriend Frank’s store — check ’em out if you’re down there. They’re awesome!). Straight-up rock the entire way through, and while I’ve never seen them, I’m sure that the drummer must have forearms that put Dan Uggla to shame. Favorite track: almost any of them, although it varies between “Younger Us,” “The House That Heaven Built,” and “Celebration Rock”

Dr. Dog — They have a new CD that came out last year, “Be The Void,” but I haven’t listened to it much. I did see them live at the Music On the Mountain festival in Boone in August with Mike Ochs, and was really impressed by the performance. I went from thinking they were a bunch of pretentious guys ripping off the Beatles to being a fan thanks to this performance.

Neil Young, Psychadelic Pill — It’s good, but beware: it’s got 3 tracks that exceed 16 minutes. IMO, two of those are excellent (“Ramada Inn” and “Walk Like a Giant”), and one is okay (“Driftin’ Back”).

Bob Dylan, Tempest — Going back to 1997’s Time Out Of Mind, Dylan’s music has been really strong, even if it’s got a good bit of filler in there. This album is kinda like that — some very strong tracks, as well as a good bit of filler. 

Beach House, Bloom — The only reason this one isn’t mentioned above is that I haven’t listened to it quite enough as the others. Great album though, just as all of their other albums have been to date.

Okay, that’s it. Feel free to suggest your favorites down below. And thanks, Bean, for letting me wax musical on here!


14 thoughts on “From The Rev

  1. Nice! I love Todd Snider. And I’ve been wanting to check out that Japandroids album, guess I need to get around to it. I’m actually sitting here writing a blog post right now, but hopefully by the end of the week I’ll get a top-15 or so list out in the form of a “Joe Recommends” post!

  2. Alabama Shakes – Amaze-balls Americana! and Shovels n Rope, duh. Come to Chs for their concert March 2nd! I’ll be there, with Liz of course!

  3. Alabama Shakes! Americana amazingness. And Shovels n Rope, duh. Yall come to Chs for their concert March 2nd! I’ll be there, with Liz too!

  4. HELLLOOOOO… Rev. DW, can’t BELIEVE you didn’t give me the fellow music snob shout-out. THANKS a lot. Yeah, and ShoRo’s album should have definitely been on here, but I’ll let it slide.

  5. Dag Bean. Good list. Check out Kendrick Lamar’s new cd (it’s akin to Aquemini if looking for comparisons) and its good to see Killer Mike’s RAP Music (watch the Reagan video) is on your radar. It’s a brutal album – but great!

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