Thrifty Lady

Birthday weekend. Check. I had a great low-key birthday weekend filled with everything I wanted. Friday night, David and I finished Homeland, Season 2. OMG. No spoilers–but I love that show.

Saturday morning I slept in, had coffee and made donuts in my new donut maker!! It was actually a gift I bought to bring to a White Elephant gift exchange, and then I decided to keep it. Like it was wrapped under our tree as a gift for myself. From myself. Yeah- I did that.

I tried healthy donuts first. Yeah…can you believe that. I made them and this is how they turned out.



David actually loved them and I realized what I did wrong (stupid Coconut Oil gets me every time), so I may indeed try this healthy recipe again.

So round 2, regular ol’ donuts (which I made healthier by using egg whites, almond milk, coconut oil and whole wheat flour). Muuuuch better. We had fun dressing them up–powdered sugar…honey and cinnamon sugar. Batter comparison? No comparison.

DSC_0496  DSC_0498
DSC_0504  DSC_0521

I think with a few more test runs, I can get these perfected.

After donuts, I went on a run, and then got all cleaned up for my Birthday Eve. We spent it doing one of my favorite things–THRIFTING/ANTIQUING. And David came too! And he actually had fun! (Some places more than others).

I snapped a few shots of some of my favorite things I saw. Made the images smaller for quicker loading (hopefully).

DSC_0522If these were dogs, totally would have gotten them. I think there’s no question where my animal loyalty lies.

DSC_0523Really pretty tea cart–looks straight from Downton. I’d like a bar, but maybe something more modern.

DSC_0524Nice fan–cute for a little boys room or a man cave. Or a lake house. Mom?

DSC_0526You know I love brass animals.  I might go back for the pair of elephants. On a table or dresser, they’d hold my necklaces/bracelets nicely.

DSC_0527If we owned our house, I’d get this dog knocker. It was like $10 or something so cheap.

DSC_0529Again, for a little boys room, or again, a lake house, these could be really cool. Kinda Royal Tenenbaums-esque.

DSC_0530Little-tiny-baby-storage-egg! So cute.

DSC_0531Reminded me of Voyage of the Dawn Treader. If it gets cheaper, I’ll go buy this.

DSC_0536I see you little hidden mid-century trunk/chest. I’m also keeping my eye on you. Could be really good storage–maybe in our closet room? Didn’t buy it, but I’m watching it.

I like to “hunt” when I’m in stores like this. You have to be in the mood to dig and look through 98% ugly to find that 2% of cool. Kinda like shopping at Forever 21.

DSC_0542Please excuse my “intensity” in this pic–just check out that mirror. I might be going back for that.

DSC_0544Not weird. Glove display hand. I bought this.

DSC_0545May also be going back for this. It’s real leather and it was like $65, which wasn’t cheap enough for me.

DSC_0546Styled properly, this little bar could be really cool. If you take those gross red glasses off it.

Saturday night, David and I went to dinner at Mr. Friendly’s–neither of us had been, it’s a Columbia “staple” so we hear, and we both enjoyed it. The app was really good (black bean cakes with cilantro creme fraiche), my entrée was weird, but tasted good. It was Sweet Potato Ravioli, and the ravioli’s had been fried or baked or something. I just wanted regular ravioli, so I was a little surprised. Wine and dessert–really good. Service was fine.

DSC_0560 IMG_2846[1]

Since this post is getting a little long, I’ll have to spill the beans on the rest of the weekend (aka my actual birthday) tomorrow. Stay tuned! Colonel Mustard says BYE!! (Actually, he said high-five). Thanks for all the birthday wishes, y’all. Love you!



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