Longest Short Week Ever

Update: My parents named their new puppy Sam (Sammy), which they said fit! Can’t wait to meet the little guy! AND a HUGE thank you goes out to everyone who voted for our mantle in the Emily Henderson contest! We didn’t win, but now I’ve got some good ideas for next year. See the winners here!

It is Friday! Woo hoo! Hooray to the almost-end of the longest-short-week-ever!

Is it just me who had a ton to do this week after the holidays, including big projects hopefully launching on Monday, not to mention all the planning for our staff-retreat next weekend! This has been a major catch-up week and I can’t wait for this weekend. Plus, Fridays are awesome at my office because we can be casual. Today, since I’ve been up since 6am doing work things (no boot camp this week), that outfit involved a super large comfy sweater and black jeans and boots. Yeah, I love Friday.


Whats on the agenda for this weekend? Nothing big…just MY BIRTHDAY! Turning 28 (some of you may be saying, “so young!” and some may be saying, “so old!”). I’m at that in between point. Not 30 yet so don’t group me there. But when I select age-related things it’s usually 26-32 or something like that–I’m not in that mid-twenties anymore after Sunday. Man–I need to write my Twenty-Something post quick! (well okay, I have 2 years).

So what’s on the Birthday List?

black poncho, leggings

black boots, and a big comfy black sweater. still to be determined which one’s I’ll get.

Detailed View--agate coasters, west elm

agate coasters.

Kate Spade Weekender Bag

loving this Kate Spade Weekender Bag. Timeless.

Simona V Amethyst Slice Necklace

Amethyst necklace.

Kate Spade Lip Crayons.

Alright, I’ll keep everyone posted on Birthday festivities (which will probably include a dinner out on Saturday and a day of antiquing or DIYing on Sunday).


all images/items can also be found on my pinterest board, Birthday List 2013


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