Projects, Please

Anyone been missing the DIY projects like I have? After the holidays and trying to get back to the swing of work and the busyness that is involved with all that, I’ve missed doing some projects. I sometimes reminisce about the stressful yet totally fun time in 2011 when we first moved to Columbia because I spent 5 months looking for a job, since we moved here for David’s work. I spent days on end searching for  jobs and was blessed to find my job that I love.

While indeed I really really like my job and really really like the people I work with, I realized that I would no longer have those down-days where I could just pop over to Home Depot, grab some spray paint and do a little project here or there. That’s how I kept my spirits up—I’m sure some or all of you have experienced the “looking for a job blues”. I  sure do miss all that free time! Grass is always greener, huh?

Well–now that I’ve completed skimming the projects in John and Sherry’s DIY book, Young House Love, I have lots of new ideas. (Hence all the J&S’s below).

Since the New Year is all about making lists of things to do (and not to do), Here’s the current to do list of fun projects to try:

  1. Reupholster the bench we picked up running a few weeks ago. Yes, we were out running, with the dog, when we saw a yard sale. Like the good shopper that I am, I quickly spotted a bench with “good bones” and super ugly upholstery. Project upholstery-bring it on. David kept running, Colonel and I turned around to run home to get the car and we came back and bought the bench before it got snatched up. He likes to sit up there and drool at the squirrels and cats outside. Tough life.IMG_2335[1]
  2. J&S’s  “Two Tables as a Headboard” which involves two Ikea Lack Tables put together…you guessed it…as a headboard. I think we’d need three tabletops, but it’s a cool idea. The even use the legs to do a little trim effect. Sounds hard to visualize? Well buy the book-it has pictures.
  3. J&S’s “Line Your Drawers with Patterned Paper”. Pretty self-explanatory. And pretty. Some of our furniture comes with pretty liner already, but not all of it.  These from OpenSky are super pretty.
  4. J&S’s “Lose the Mis-Matched Hangers”—this should be a New Years Resolution. Grow up. Get rid of the ugly hot pink hangers. And the neon green. Closet Reveal
  5. J&s’S “Deal with Bookcase Clutter”—which we really need to do for the bookcases in our “hall”.
  6. J&S’s “Streamline your Photos”—which is basically making iPhoto “yearbooks” of all of the iPhone, Camera and Instagram pics you manage to take each year—but don’t manage to save or ever print. I like this idea. We do these for my parents after big family trips, and I like the idea of doing one annually anyway. For our future family–so they can look through pics of mom and dad and their friends since people don’t print them out that often anymore.

After reading this, are you all wondering still what’s on my list of stuff not-to-do in the New Year?

Some of those things:

  1. Don’t spend so much time watching crap TV. Write more. Read more.
  2. Don’t be ungrateful. (We all can be sometimes, right?)
  3. Don’t be as bossy to David. If you’re in a relationship of any kind, you know this is not always easy. Notice I said, as bossy. I think a little bossy can be a good thing. Call it decisiveness.
  4. Don’t get another dog. Even though you want to. Really bad. Especially after seeing your parents new little baby puppy–they just got him today for those of you wondering why you haven’t heard yet!  (he looks a lot like Colonel–let’s not give him a C name also). puppy and creature


Ideas 2-6 come from Young House Love 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update, & Show Your Home Some Love” by John and Sherry Petersik of


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