New Year

Happy New Year, y’all! I hope everyone is busy making and breaking resolutions! I’ve already seen and heard quite a few, but since people know that I hate being tagged (I’ll tag myself, thank you), I thought I could share this little ECard.

I hope one of your New Year's resolutions is to stop tagging me in New Year's photos.

David and I and his twin Matt, and his GF Lindsay went to visit our friends Mike and Jess in Chapel Hill (Carrboro actually–which I guess is Chapel Hill’s cooler neighbor). We ate some amazing Indian Food Sunday night (pigged out really), and spent New Years Eve day walking around downtown and getting to see a new town which was really fun. New Years Eve night we hopped all around after having some Sushi and Champagne. It was a really fun night ending in Food Truck Tacos and lots of shoe switching because heels for 6+ hours turned out to be not as fun as it seemed. Who knew?

Disclaimer: no one is actually hurt in the picture below, we were just bein’ funny.




happy new year. love ya, bean it.


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