Besties 2012

Let’s do a little “Best Of” post of 2012, shall we? Some were on the blog, some weren’t. So read on. Best moments, best times, biggest events…here we go! A year of the fun stuff.

December 2012

-Sitting in Chapel Hill right now visiting our besties and twinsies, Mike and Jess. Amazing indian food last night and french pressed coffee this morning. Makes sharing a twin bed totally worth it.

-Getting this hunka jewelry for Christmas from David—he did good job!

photo 3

-Getting some sisters-only time in Atlanta. Love you both!

-Going to see Les Miserables with my folks and spending quality time at home. I love my families!

-Getting my signed copy of YHL for Christmas from Britt!

Addie’s Christmas Party-so fun! Way to kick off December!

November 2012

-Thanksgiving with my Families-spending time with my cute niece and watching her fall in love with Colonel Mustard (I mean, how could you not?)DSC_0611

-Started watching Homeland. So intense. So good.

-Switched to this new blogging platform at Word Press. Way more user-friendly.

-Lady group in Atlanta with some of my camp besties!

-My first renaissance festival with Heather, William, Glen and Amber. Belly-dancers and Pirates at Ren Fest. Life complete. No, I didn’t eat that. (me=vegetarian).

In the End

-Obama’s re-election. How can I forget that?

October 2012

-Halloween with David as “King Tooth” which is what all the drunk frat boys kept calling him. (note to self: lost the crown when he’s a tooth. But get it? Crown? On a tooth?”)

Sandy Monster

-Britt’s Bachelorette weekend in DC and NOVA! So much fun seeing those ladies—can’t wait til the next get-together!

-GA/SC Football Game in Columbia with lots of friends visiting! Dan and Anna! Sam and Dan! Little Sis!

-Bryan and Danielle’s wedding in Americus GA! Staying at the Haunted Windsor and trying really hard to scare friends of ours!

-One-year Anniversary at United Way!

-Started this little blog here! Started the Bible-in-a-year Challenge!

September 2012

-Labor Day Weekend at the Lake with Matt and Z, Mike and Jess, Mom and Dad, the Keens, Megan! So much fun.

-High Hampton Inn! Family trip!!

-Dr’s appointment. (okay, I had a slow September—recovering from the summer I s’pose).

August 2012

-Lake with work friends, and Emily’s one eye! Bridge jumping and dance parties. And my super amazing baggo/cornhole skillz.

– My two-year wedding anniversary (and 8 years together anniversary!)! Love you DWW!

-First SC Blowfish Game! Gotta love farm-team baseball!

July 2012

-Tasty Tomato Festival in Columbia—complete with Bluegrass and you guessed it…Tasty Tomatoes!

-Proofers and Roofers 2012—best Volleyball tournament in the South! Can’t wait til next year!

-Work Camp 2012 and the not so good part—the gross line of poison ivy I got on my shin that left a scar! YEAH. NOT COOL. Poison Ivy? High Five, Bro!

-Lake Norman with Mike and Jess! Music and cookie cake, success. Also, Mike and Jess move to NC=closer to us!

June 2012


-Also, June marks our one-year-in-SC mark!

May 2012

-Addie’s Wedding in Edisto!

-First time to New Orleans (for work but still fun!)

-Work trip in Wild Dunes—also really fun. Brought back memories of family vacations there!

April 2012

-Work-weekend at Camp Mikell. Always good to see friends. Even if it’s only for an hour.

March 2012

-NYC TRIP to visit Mike and Jess (before they moved), and to visit the Jones (aka Gale and Big Daddy Kazoo—the distant brother of Porkchop Mike and the Rev DWWagner.

-5K for St. Patty’s Day! Followed by 9am beers after the race, which led to 12pm naps.

February 2012

-uh….must have been a slow month. The beginning of the year was hard to remember. (AS INDICATED BY THE LACK OF EVENTS). We didn’t have many friends in Columbia yet, okay??

January 2012

-My 27th Birthday (almost 28th). Epiphany baby. And my parents came to Columbia for my BDAY!

-Started Operation Boot Camp!

-Catherine and Josh’s wedding in Atlanta—getting to catch up with NYC Friends!

Wow! Busy year! Thank you guys for reading the blog for the past 3 months! I’ve really enjoyed this and really look forward to the next year! Love ya, mean it!!!!! (and bean it!)


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