Barry Mantle-o

I know I’ve asked lots of my Facebook friends to vote for this, but I figured I’d put it out there on the blogosphere since I only have a few more days.

I am in 13th place in a Mantle Contest. (I have 20 votes and the winner has 53).

I know my mantle might not be the best.

But you like me, hopefully. So help us!

So please, VOTE FOR DAVID’S AND MY MANTLE on Facebook!

Here’s what it takes:

click on the link below.

It’ll make you add a Facebook app called Easypromos. I know, it’s super annoying and deters most people. Have no fear, I’m gonna tell you how to delete that once you vote.

Vote-and “LIKE” Emily Henderson–she’s hosting the contest, she’s a fabulous designer and stylist, and she’s my favorite.

Okay: How to Vote.

Go here:

Click: Most voted (so that the entries with the most votes will come up to the top).

Scroll down past all the people with more votes than me–and click to vote for “Kathleen Bean Wagner” and our lovely mantle.

Add the Easypromos App (remember I’ll tell you how to delete it) and “LIKE” Emily Henderson.


Now how to delete that app that it made you add:

1. Go to your Facebook Homepage–the one with the news feed and all that info–the main page.

2. Look to the upper right and there’s a little settings “wheel” image. Click on it.

3. On the far left-hand side, there’s a bunch of options. Click on “Apps”. (it’s like a little box).

4. Find the “app” called Easypromos (aka the one you just added).

5. Delete it.

6. Delete any other useless “apps” that Facebook may have made you add.

Okay, thanks again for hopefully voting for us! We could win some cool furniture!


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