Can it be Christmas Forever?

If you know me, you know I’m super happy doing anything that involves spending time with family. Trip to Peru? Yes, please. Weekend at the lake? Yes, please. Dinner and a movie? Yes, please. Mountain golf getaway? Please and thank you. So I am always super excited when it’s time to travel home for the holidays. Last year was the first year that David was officially a priest and officially therefore working on Christmas Eve which led to traditions changing and new ones forming. I’m definitely a traditionalist who admittedly takes a little longer to adjust to change and new things than others, but by this year, I was prepared for the change and happy about it. We had an amazing Christmas Eve dinner with our best friends and their parents (who one of happens to also be David’s boss), oh yeah, and my boss was there too (he’s very cool-so this wasn’t weird).

photophoto 1

David working on Christmas Eve meant working at am 11pm service–so we got home and tucked in (car packed, house cleaned, gifts wrapped, dog stuff loaded, perishables thrown out) it was around 1:30am. Oh, and David woke up on Christmas Eve with Pink Eye. Ew. It was nasty–but he did a good job not touching his eye and used enough hand sanitizer at church to hopefully not-infect. (if he did infect, we’re really sorry. Well he is. I didn’t do it).

Anyways, we went to bed around 1:30am and woke up at 4:45am to drive to Atlanta (had to be home for Christmas Morning–that’s one tradition I haven’t been able to let go of yet–and neither have my sisters). People wonder how we do these drive three hours on three hours of sleep things? Answer. Coffee, sugar, and good music. And these. Amazing (thank you Patsy and Jack!)

photo 4

We got home at 8:30am and woke up my sisters and got the gift-opening ball rolling! photo 5


As tradition goes, we then went to my grandma’s house for lunch with my whole family and that was fun, as always. We have almost solely girl cousins, and we’re all within 10 years of age, so we have a lot of fun together (hey cuddins)!


Then as tradition continues, we went up to David’s parents house and did presents and dinner which was also super fun! Our little niece has developed a serious love for Colonel Mustard (which is very different from her very-warrented-serious fear of him last year). She’s 2 and a half, so last year, Colonel was just a little too big and too in-her-face, not to mention he thought she was a my-size-doggie that he could run into and knock over like he might do with other dogs his size=not good. But this year, she even kissed him goodnight (After reading Goodnight iPad-yeah, that’s a real book). In case you’ve been checking the blog for new material, I hope you’ll see now why there’s been no time. For future years, I’ll hopefully prepare more, but for now, I’m busy, okay? That isn’t even it! After a fun-filled and bourbon and card-playing filled Christmas with the Wagners, I SLEPT IN! That’s right! Remember all that boot camp waking at at 5am and that driving back and forth to Atlanta on 3 hours of sleep (Thank God for the Sister Act 2 soundtrack to keep me awake as I drove)? We needed sleep. And we got it. Almost 10 hours 🙂 Isn’t that what going home is for?

photo 5

So that next morning, before my sister Liz (or Lis) left for her Germany vacation, we had a sister breakfast together since we haven’t had much time just the three of us. It was really fun to catch up and just all jabber on about relationships, life, magic powers of coffee, Christmas gifts…all that good stuff. (We’ll do a separate post of Christmas gifts–I have so much to share!) After another day of vegging and non-blogging (sorry Mike, my one avid reader), we went to see Les Mis–amazing. Neither David or I are huge musical “fans” or scholars by any means, but the movie, the music, the cast, the story…amazing. (We have less desirable things to say about Lincoln on the other hand). That one girls waist in Les Mis? The girl that loves the guy (don’t wanna spoil anything)? Soooo tiny! Did anyone else think those proportions were totally off?

So with all of that being said, I figured, Hey…I got a lot to talk about. Better get back to the blog. And I’ve missed it. It’s like a place to brain-dump for anyone who feels like reading what just got dumped out of my brain. It’s a life chronicle. It’s therapy. It’s fun.


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