I’m in Trouble

Hooray! The world is still here. Let the writing continue. I know y’all weren’t hoping the world would end so I’d stop writing…right??? 

So, I’ve been a little scared to post my true thoughts and feelings about stuff ever since I got my first piece of reader mail. It was a little ominous, I’m not gonna lie. By the way, I can’t make this stuff up. This is real.

photo (4)This came in the mail, no return address, and on such sweet paper…Christmas and St. Judes…you surely can’t think it’s a threat or anything. YEAH. Unless you’re like me and a few weeks ago you may or may not have said something on your blog about your grandmother who can’t access the internet, so she wouldn’t be able to read what one may or may not have said. Well, I was wrong. Said grandmother (the one I love and adore) READ that post (who ratted me out—mom???), and sent me this in the mail. No “signed by”, no “sincerely”, and certainly no “love”.

I immediately called her when I got this and she denied sending it. She said lovingly, “what’s a blog…?”—that little sneeker. Luckily for me, my grandma has the most recognizable handwriting there is, so we just laughed about it and I told her all about the weird letter I’d gotten. and I read it aloud to her– for the record, she continued to pretend to be clueless about it. I’ll let her have this one—can’t wait to see what type of mail I get after this post!

Oh yeah, also, when I called her about the note, I said to her, “oh well, if it’s not from you, I guess you won’t mind if I blog about getting this letter!!!”—she just laughed and laughed. God I love that woman.

The direct Quote from my older blog post:

Sidebar: when my grandma asked me what type of church events I go to as the “preachah’s wiiiife” (thick southern accent), and I started telling her, she said, “do you only go to the things where they serve wine??”—and I think she was totally right. Hey, we’re Episcopalians…that’s our “thing”—for better or worse. By the way, if you’ve met my grandma, she’s the most lovely and wonderful grandma ever—and she says what she thinks and she means what she says. And she doesn’t know how to work the internet which is good for me right about now, because I’d probably get in trouble…mom, can tell her I said really sweet things about her on the blog? K,  Thanks, Bye.


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