YHL Love

If you know me in real life, you know that I follow Young House Love. They are the first blog I started really reading, in addition to Eating Bird Food, who is written by Brittany, one of my college roomies for 3 years and best friends. (here we are in NYC)

britt and i 3

Well, Young House Love writers, John and Sherry, write about DIY projects, and their home, about their kids, dog, etc., and it’s made them super fun to follow with all the new and ever-changing material. Stalker warning: I feel a little bit like I know them because I read so much about them. Even David get’s it now–when we’re in Target and I’m like, “John and Sherry have this pillow”, he knows who I’m talking about. They’re my first stop for all how-to’s on home projects because they’ve done a lot!

This past year they put out a book (like a month ago), and when I heard they were writing a book, via their blog, I immediately asked David to get it for me for Christmas. I was so pumped because John and Sherry swore it was projects that weren’t on the blog–which was good because who really wants a book when you can just look on their website, and I think I’ve read almost all of their posts. But 200+ new projects…don’t mind if I do.

And then I got home from work yesterday and guess what was at the door. A package. From Britt. (who also lives in Richmond with John and Sherry–well not with them, but same city).

Guess what was in it….


THE BOOK! WOO HOO!!!! I was so pumped and excited that I had it before Christmas because I felt behind–lots of their other readers have been discussing the projects they’ve been doing from the book.

I was like, “YES!!! COLONEL MUSTARD LOOK WHAT CAME IN THE MAIL!” (David was still at work–I had to tell someone)

And he was all….”can I eat this, mom? are you gonna take me to the park yet? why are you taking my picture?”


So I was immediately thrilled! And then it was like time froze because I remembered all of a sudden that Britt was talking on her blog about going to the Young House Love book signing–we’d even tweeted about it! And I was like, “omg…what if she got my book signed! Because she tweeted that they liked the name Beano, and why would they know my name unless…”





Then I really freaked out! I called Britt and left her a thank you voice mail because she is such an amazing friend who knows me well enough to know how much I’d love this! Then I called David and said, “um….I’m super excited b/c Britt got me a SIGNED YHL book…so you should return the one I know you probably got me for Christmas…sorry…”

He thought it was really cool that I had a signed copy, so he didn’t mind at all. But in case you can’t tell…I was so excited! And still am! Thank you Britt! You’re the best! (ps Britt is getting married in June and I’m a lucky bridesmaid!–stay tuned for more info about that!-Bachelorette festivities pictured below)

britt and i


4 thoughts on “YHL Love

  1. That is super exciting!!!! Glad you didn’t spill the beans at the DP! (this does mean any and all cool ideas may be replicated by me)

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