From the Man of the House

Y’all. Something special is about to happen. David is gonna write for us. No, he’s not writing a 20-something post (because he’s not 20-something). No he’s not writing a 30-something post. Cuz I said so. But I asked him to write a little something for those who want a little…um….testosterone on this blog. It’s hard for me to really reach every reader, ya know? I can’t talk eloquently about the Bible-in-a-year challenge (although I do totally want to read this book—it looks awesome and funny), or about Falcons and Braves. David is really good at talking about those things, so keep readin’.
bible woman
Moving on, I’m so happy to have my man share some of his thoughts on…stuff…with y’all. He’s super smart, funny and super cute…and after almost 8.5 years together (O.M.G.WOW.), I love the hell outta this guy more and more each day. Without getting too sappy (although if you know me, you know I cry super easily about most things–like this commercial), I am so happy to be married to this man. He makes me explore new things–like the Bible, and I teach him new how to properly section a grapefruit. That’s love, right? Learning each others skills and whatnot. So enough of me, here he goes.
mike and david
David and best buddy, Mike, being nerds, tellin each other how funny they are.
Bean asked if I’d write a post for today, and I had a bit of a hard time choosing what to write about. There’s a lot to write about, and choosing among the Newtown tragedy, football, the Christmas (sorry — Advent) season, the Braves’ off-season  sermon-writing, the Bible challenge, Colonel Mustard, and my wife, I wasn’t too sure what to focus on. So, I think that I’m just going to throw some observations on some of these, and maybe some other things as well. Kinda like “Joe Recommends,” but with a bit less of a purpose.

I learned about Newtown during a break from sermon-writing on Friday afternoon (actually I was doing laundry). David O’Brien (Braves beat writer and blogger extraordinaire) had re-tweeted a report that 27 were dead including 18 children at a CT school. My reaction was like many others’ — stunned and saddened, and my sermon-writing for the day (which wasn’t going too well, anyway) stopped immediately. I did cry a good bit this weekend. As you know from Bean’s post the other day about Operation Boot Camp, I listen to a lot of NPR in the car. (What can I say? I’m aging.)

I’ve also been reading a lot of the op-eds and blogs responding to the tragedy, and I’m a bit wary of getting tragedy overload. I really hope I — and all of us — don’t get to the point where we want to change the channel because we’re tired of hearing about it, because while it is sad, it’s also very important that we are affected and inspired, frankly, to do better. Advent (the four weeks leading up to Christmas) is the season in which we wait, watch. In the midst of our grief, this event causes us to wait more urgently and deepen our hunger for it.

Regarding the Bible challenge, there are days when I read the assigned chapters more closely and with vigor, and there are days when my reading feels more obligatory. Neither, necessarily, is the goal — the goal, I think, is to read.

Bean: I feel ya on that one. Some days I feel like I’m actually reading a story with a sequential plot–which I enjoy, and some days, its like, “blah…blah…”. Can I say that about the Bible? Just did. I mean…law after law and who begat who…and what you can and can’t bring into the Tabernacle…yeah…

 Beano doesn’t like this, but it’s true: I’m now a fan of two sports. For years, it was only baseball, but love for football is increasing. Lots. Pro AND college, with more love for pro. Baseball is still #1, but football is not far behind. That means sports year-round. Basketball — sorry. Soccer? Ha. (Sorry Joe and Anton.)
Bean: This is true. I really don’t like this. We used to get cable each year in March, so David could watch Baseball (can’t watch online b/c we’re in Braves Territory), and then we’d cancel it in September or October (usually earlier b/c the Braves usually…ahem…CHOKE…at the end of each season). But now, David isn’t fully depressed when that happens because there’s FOOTBALL right around the corner. Great……
Beano does like this, and it’s true: my enjoyment for some of her shows is slowly creeping. Storage Wars, home improvement and DIY shows, even Long Island Medium. Bean — we can discuss Supernanny, but anything on the Bravo network is off the table.
Bean: This is also true. It’s fun to watch TV together when we both agree, but often, this isn’t the case. (see sports info above). But I watch a lot of Bravo and they re-run everything 8,000 times, so if I miss Shah’s of Sunset or RHOBH…I know I’ll catch it again. And again. And again.
I’ll admit it: I thought Lincoln was really, really boring. Not so much the history and background; it was more Spielberg’s style — very sentimental and flat. Plus, the whole time I was waiting for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to go into Congress and unify both sides by leading everyone in the angel flap (go to the 3:14 minute mark), but he never did. (Sorry for the spoiler.)
Bean: Good call on the Angels in the Outfield clip. Nicely Done.
That’s all I’ve got for right now. Thanks to all of y’all for reading my wonderful wife’s blog — by reading about her life and Colonel Mustard (had to mention tha tweetest boi), y’all get a glimpse into the joy that I get to experience everyday.

6 thoughts on “From the Man of the House

  1. I know dat lake! Love the MAN POST. But not LONG enough. This, from the guy who can’t tell a story without letting you in on every sideplot and detail? J/k love ya mike it.

  2. Bean — post the one where he’s jumping offa OUR dock but his back paws are still on the dock but his front paws are up in the air so it looks like he’s in mid-air. That’s a good one.

    Mike — you can’t just put your name in there to make it a new thing, so quit TRYIN. but you should write your own post. k? also, sorry i didn’t make my post as long as I could’ve — maybe next one.

    Joe — I-DOHN-TINKSO.

    Love ya davit!

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