You’re Golden

Times have changed. My mom asked me to create a Pinterest Board for things I want for Christmas, because that’s what my little sister did. It made it super easy so I didn’t have to continue sending her 800 emails with links to things I want. While Megan did her’s with “inspiration” ideas, I did mine with “real-things-I-want” ideas. I noticed quickly that I have a lot of gold and sparkly things on there–as well as a lot of black. It’s so easy.
It’s no secret with the exception of my wedding ring, I wear mostly gold jewelry. I alternate, but especially in the winter when my skin is paler, I stick to gold. Obviously I do not expect CLOSE to all these items, but lucky for me–OR UNLUCKY, which it never has been–my birthday is in early January.

My Pinterest Christmas/Birthday List 2012

Golden Christmas
See? Gold Rings (from this post) with B & D for Beano and David. Got these in the mail over the weekend and tried to see if David wanted to wear them while he’s ring-less–his is getting resized. Lucky for everyone, he didn’t want to and they didn’t fit.
What’s on your Christmas list this year?

Check out some gift guides from my other friends/people I follow if you’re still looking for ideas.

Britt gives some Kitchen Ideas on Eating Bird Food

Polka Dot Gift Ideas for the Ladies from Lacy at Simple Surber

Lady Suggestions from YHL

For Anyone from Design Sponge


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