Lil’ Gift and Prayer

Before I blabber about completely and totally insignificant things, I can’t blog without at least adding a prayer for those in CT, and their families and loved ones. I am so sad about the whole thing, and can’t get it out of my head. I am incredibly lucky to have so many priest friends who are way better than myself at offering prayers and thoughts during tragedies like this. I find myself utterly speechless, so I’ll steal what someone else wrote to share. I’ll just take a second and post a friends Litany he wrote (prayers).  I’ve read it… thought about it…and even if you just want to take a second to shut off the tv and send your thoughts to those in CT, that would be nice.

A Litany for Sandy Hook and Newtown, CT.

Thanks, y’all.


So, tis the season for never arriving empty-handed. There are so many little events this time of year (which is super awesome), and being a southern girl, I know never to arrive empty handed.

When I went to Addie’s Christmas party, I brought little hostess gifts. Mini-Cocktail shakers. I know, so cute, right? Well when we were testing and discussing Signature Cocktail Ideas, both of them disclosed that they didn’t have cocktail shakers, and, as girls do way better than guys….I made a mental note- Gift Idea! (Seriously, guys, when your partner says things like, “Man, I really wish I had a ____________” or, ” insert friends name here had the best insert hint we’re trying to drop !!!”—TAKE NOTE! Put it in your phone! You don’t have to have pen and paper to remember these things–c’mon!

cocktail shaker

So anywho, I’ve been to a few parties this season, and with the boss leaving town for the holiday on the 14th (lucky man), I had to get a gift together quick. So here’s the tip:

Bake something. (if you’re good at that).

My mom is the best cook–and has an infamous famous brownie recipe. So, when I got married, I inherited that famous recipe. And I make them a lot. Need to bring something to a church event? BOOM. BROWNIES. Need to bring a sweet to book club? BAM. BROWNIES.

So, for all my little gifts thus far this season (and when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to shop for a gift)–brownies it is!

This is how I did them up fancy-like for my boss and for a cocktail party we went to last night. Same gift-two different people. Still tastes amazing.


Brownies in a mason jar! Bonus: mason jar with a dessert! And I really like that the gift serving size is also do-able. I mean, when you get a whole cake or a whole pie or…I don’t know, a whole big loaf of bread…whatever it is, sometimes it’s just too much. So this is an awesome size and it looks super cute.

How’d I do it?

Step One: Bake brownies.

Step Two: Let them cool and put them in a mason jar (which btw I love the gold tops already)–and it was $6 for 12 jars/lids. So cheap.

Step Three: Take a cheap gold snowflake ornament off your Christmas Tree.

Step Four: Attach it to the jar with cool ribbon or string (I used the wire felt- ribbon from World Market).

Step 5: Attach a cute little gift tag (mine was also from World Market).


there ya have it. A little gift idea. Anyone will like it. You could sub brownies for cookies, chex mix, Trash/Muddy Buddy/Puppy Chow…whatever you want!!

World Market for all gift wrap suggestions

Recipe for Puppy Chow from my EBF BFF:


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