Operation Boot Camp

If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that oftentimes my tweets start around 5 am. No, I am not a glutton for pain and no I’m not an insomniac.  Starting around October last year, David and I have spent 4 mornings a week being tortured at Operation Boot Camp. Feels wrong to use the word tortured after watching Homeland…it’s not like that kind of torture, but getting up at 5 am to work out before work CAN INDEED be rough some days.


It is our workout routine, it’s somewhat competitive (which I need), it is just under an hour, and it involves everything under the sun(or no sun because its 5 am)—meaning every day is different (which is also what I need). It is paired with nutrition information and nutrition tips that will help you tone and lose weight if you play along. No I’m not being paid to write this—in fact, I PAY to be a part of this-just like you would most fitness programs.

It has really changed the way that David and I choose to live our day to day lives. We are usually in bed (we might be instagramming, reading blogs, reading books—like real ones…with paper pages, or just chatting) by 10 pm most nights. So when we go out and we’re tired by 10-11 pm, unless you really force us to rally—or play Beyoncé really loudly, we’re old people, and we’re ready for bed! But we got up at 5 am- give us a break! (Tip: really, that loud Beyoncé thing usually gets me re-energized! Rihanna may also be subbed if no Beyoncé is present.)

But you know what makes it worthwhile? Getting your workout done EARLY so you don’t have to think about it at all the rest of the day! What a concept! Knowing myself, I know that I am totally that person that has the best of intentions to “do a quick run” or “head to the gym” after work because I’m too tired in the morning to work out, but no. I will never workout after work UNLESS it’s made into a social event (like going to Yoga with Emily or going to Pure Barre with Addie and Emily). Unless you’re coming with me—working out after a full day of work just ain’t happenin’.

So what does the routine look like?

5 am: Alarm (speaking of painful, at one time David had his LIGHT set on a TIMER to switch ON at 5am! That was just mean and a really jarring way to wake up. No mas.)

5:15 am: Actually get out of bed. Let dog out. Stumble around clumsily wondering why the hell we do this.

5:25 am: Leave the house (when David drives we listen to NPR. When I drive we listen to pop music. Again, gotta get pumped up!)

–drive 12-15 minutes to boot camp (yeah—I know, we’re crazy. We even TRAVEL to do this to ourselves).

5:45 am-6:35 am: OPERATION BOOT CAMP

Home by 7am in time to:

  1. Snuggle with Colonel Mustard
  2. Drink Coffee while I get ready
  3. Shower
  4. Make Breakfast (usually something that’s cooking itself while I shower—like hard boiled eggs or David makes oatmeal almost daily—I know, ew.)

The best part is, I usually get to work EARLY—like by 8. This means, by 4:15-4:30, I can leave. I don’t have to hassle with the traffic that happens if you leave work at or after 5. I am energized all morning and happy b/c I’ve completed my workout. Plus, one of us is almost always home in time to take Colonel Mustard to the dog park (which we also try to do daily). We’re routine kind of people. As much as we’d like to be all willy-nilly free-spirited people, we’re really not. Especially the older we get. We get more organized, more scheduled, more frugal (that one is about David)…all which are good things in my opinion.

So what do we do at Operation boot camp? I’d have to do a whole other post of the specific things we do, but it is a mixture of cardio and strength training. We are outside the whole time (between a field, parking lot, playground, track…) and we do all sorts of things. Usually it looks like “run down there, do these things…run over there, do that thing, sprint up there, do this…”…for a little under an hour.


After a year or so of doing this every month (we sign up in month to month increments), we love it. We sometimes usually always hate getting up early, but we love the routine and the TYPE of workout. Again, I really like that every single day is different. We do physical fitness tests, and my fastest mile has probably dropped 2 minutes since starting. I have way more endurance than I’ve ever had. I feel like a little kid sometimes—like remember when you could just run around and chase people and not feel tired? Run and swing and climb? Yeah, boot camp feels like that-minus chasing people. I HATE BEING CHASED. I can plank for a lot longer than I could when I first started. I can do push-ups and dips and lots of other things with weird names, and do lots of them. We’ve got a little community of us and we hold each other accountable. We miss someone when they’re not there. We cheer each other on, and we really enjoy this type of workout. We all send each other funny texts like this.




It’s awesome. Some people run marathons and training is their routine (Mike). Some people are lucky enough to be near the mountains and hike and swim. Some people love the gym. Some people rock-climb.  This is what we love (even though we hate it sometimes), and it totally works for us.



8 thoughts on “Operation Boot Camp

  1. 1. In some ways, I have to ease into the day. NPR does a much better job of helping with that than Breyhanna (Beyonce + Rihanna = Breyhanna) or other (coughcoughawfulcough) pop music.

    2. I’ll be happy to post the recipe for my steel-cut oats for the many people that want more info on it.

    3. It’s true, Beano hates being chased. And scared/startled. I don’t do much of the first one, but I very often do the second one unintentionally. E.g.:

    Beano: (in the kitchen doing something)
    Me: (walking in from another room silently) Hey babe, have you seen the —
    Beano: AAHHH! (gives me a really annoyed look) WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?!?!

    4. For those of you who want more info on Operation Boot Camp, see if they’ve got a chapter in your city — they’re active in lots of cities.

      • 1. What if you switched to pop country?

        2. You can thank ME for giving David the steel cut oats idea.
        a) pour a cup of water into a sauce pan.
        b) boil dat water
        c) pour in 1/4 cup of STEEL CUT OATS
        d) turn the heater down to like smedium low
        e) simmer dem oats for like 20-25 min.
        f) take of burner stir in some ground FLAXSEED
        g) smother dem oats with fresh FRUIT (berries and bananas esp, apples sometimes)

        3. I accidentally did this to Jess this morning. I stood by the open bathroom door as she put on makeup. She jumped and screamed like those people in that elevator prank on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N5OhNplEd4
        apparently I screamed back but I don’t remember that part.

        4. I like marathons.

  2. Mike:

    1. Pop country…meh
    2. You left out a couple of important steps for MAH steel cut oats. Recipe with added steps:

    a) pour 1.25 cups of water into a sauce pan.
    b) boil dat water
    c) pour in 1/4 cup of STEEL CUT OATS
    d) turn the heater down to like smedium low (3 out of 10)
    e) simmer dem oats for like 25 min.
    f) take of burner stir in some protein powder — i use half a scoop of whey protein powder, or a whole scoop of soy protein.
    g) then you add a spoonful of dat ground FLAXSEED
    h) smother dem oats with fresh FRUIT (berries, sometimes a half banana)
    i) mix in a spoonful of almond butter if you got it; peanut butter if you don’t
    j) sprinkle with some cinnamon

  3. Ok you have me seriously considering this boot camp thing, at least at the moment. Can’t say ill feel the same way tomr!

    David- I must say I’m quite impressed with your wholesome, organic, nutitional ways. How evolved of you.

  4. Ok you have me seriously considering boot camp. At least at this moment. I can’t promise ill feel the same way tomr!

    David- I’m very impressed with your wholesome, organic, nutritional ways. How evolved of you.

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