5 Goldennnnnn Rinnnnnngssss

Gifting yourself is always a no-no when the holidays are coming up. But what do you do when you get those emails that are like, “use your $15 credit TODAY!”? And who really sticks to that rule anyways?

Usually, I go to the site, look around for gifts for other people, don’t find anything, and buy something for myself. I have a problem-we’ve already addressed this. So today, OpenSky sent me that exact email. I mean, it’s basically a FREE $15, right?

So, I did a quick and cheap order…for myself, since they were on sale on OpenSky, and I got $15 off.

gorg ringExcept I got a B and a D. For Bean and David. Because I’m sweet like that. I would have gotten David some as well, but, he would have hated that. For himself I mean. But I’m sure he’ll love it on me.

They also have them on Piperlime, by the way.

Oh and just a little free tip for the season, a little FREE gift to yourself, West Elm (one of my favorite stores), is offering free desktop backgrounds  (wallpaper) with holiday themes. So if you sit at a desk most of the day like I do, go grab one. Treat yourself! It’s free!

Oh yeah, and David and I are hosting a little shindig tonight, with a little gift swap, can’t wait to tell y’all more!

And a quick 12-12-12 shout out to my little sister, May! She turns 21 today and I know she’s super excited. Happy Bday little sister! I love you very very much!


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