Homage to My Favorite

By far my favorite designer/stylist is Emily Henderson. She has an HGTV show Secrets from a Stylist, and she won HGTVs Design Star–huge deal. You all probably know who she is, I know my husband does. Especially as my brass collection grows.

Her tastes and decor choices are my absolute favorite. Good color balance, metals, west elm mixed with antiques and thrifty finds… she’s inspired lot of things in my home, including our navy blue dining room. She and I share lots of favorite colors, from what I can tell…I don’t actually know her, even though I’m talking like I do.

She blogs a lot about styling difficult to style areas, like mantles, coffee tables, bookcases, etc., and one of my personal favorite posts of hers was the his-and-hers post–because believe me, as a girl who loves a good Pop of Color, David doesn’t always “get” it. But I have to give him a lot of credit, because usually I just say,” just trust me”, and he does. And it works. Usually.

So EH did a post yesterday about choosing the perfect color palette for your home, and she posted this mood-board image that I loved.


And then today as I’m walking into my house, I saw several things that popped right off that mood baord that has been in my head since yesterday. Check it-

BAM! Beautiful bright pink that needs to be vased ASAP. Is vased a verb? It is now. It would look really pretty in my navy dining room—or my grey living room. Either way, that flower is pretty and just makes me smile. Here’s the room that it reminded me of that EH styled. Check out her blog seriously, she rocks. And she’s super funny, so there’s that. But I love that pink sofa. Something David might not go for. But in my lady parlour that I don’t have…yes please.

flower1   eh1

Then we have these little baby palmettos. I don’t know what they’re called, but they’re baby Palm Trees. Right? C’mon, I live in SC now…I should know these things. That bright green reminds me a lot of the figs and big indoor plants/trees that are trending right now. I don’t want to uproot this and bring it inside, but it makes me want more of this color inside. The lovely rooms are more of EH’s work. Isn’t the amazing? This is a home-office, and it was totally my dining room inspiration. I need to put pics up of that room, huh?


eh2 eh3

This lil flower gal is really funky and cute. And out of all of the plants that David and I just planted in the front yard, (we try to be good renters), its the only one that is still alive. So I have a special little place for it in my heart. Well, in my flower bed. You get the idea. But is also has that nice bright color without being obnoxious.


So anyways, thank you Emily Henderson for sharing your knowledge, your home, your tips, and your humor. You rock. If you’re ever in SC, you can come and steal some bright pink flowers.

creds: all lovely designed room pictures come from Emily Henderson’s website, all the flower pics are via me and my iphone in my yard.

Follow her on Pinterest here, and follow me, because I follow her.


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