Chris: Thank you so much for your post yesterday. It reminded me (and I’m sure some others) about that point in our life when things are all just floating up in the air—and you aren’t sure which one you should grab hold of tightly and not let go, and which things you should just let float on by (things that can float on by in my book would be things like bad interviews, mean girls, bad breakfast pancakes, mushy apples, cockroaches…all those things can just move right on along).

Quote note: If you didn’t see the comment, a good guy-friend of mine, Joe, did his own “Twenty-Something” Dude post yesterday in response to our lady posts. Check it out here!

This afternoon–or tonight–whenever you read, seemed like a great time for me to be able to share a little about my past weekend. Yes, it’s Wednesday, but this week has moved on so quick I forgot to tell you about this past weekend!

Friday night, David and I attended an “Advent Retreat”, I know—you might be thinking…”riveting Friday night”…but it was actually really interesting and thought provoking. It was a great way to kick off the Advent Season and remind ourselves what this time is really about. We talked about making sure we slow down and take our time during this season, so as not to miss the “mystery” of it all. Kinda took me back to being a kid and wanting Christmas time to last as long as possible; opening each little window on the advent calendar (if you were like me, you hoped there was chocolate inside instead of bible verses—and take a look at me know!) each day, setting out xmas decorations throughout the whole month, smelling the xmas tree as long as possible…all those things involve slowing down and taking time…something we don’t do often. Also reminds me of my bible reading discipline/challenge which I have to slow down for everyday and do. I’ve kept it going thus far and I gotta say, taking time to do something “prayerful” every day is not what I do. Nor what I’ve ever done. But really, it ain’t that bad. I don’t always understand what I read, and I don’t always know how to relate it to my life…but right now, I’m just continuing to read. That’s my only goal—maybe some enlightenment will occur also.

Saturday I woke up totally energized and had that little pep of Christmas Spirit that sometimes feels like it goes away after you turn 13 or so. As a result, my friend Heather and I met up with some other girlfriends and went to the SC Junior League Holiday Market. I was ready to see some trees, see some gift ideas, and sip some cider (not really though, I hate cider—unless it has whiskey in it).








The holiday market was fun—a little more of a show of boutiques all over Columbia and less about Xmas per se, but that was okay with me. I probably stayed a little over an hour, then rushed home because I had some major cooking to do for the holiday party I had that night! (Yeah, remember that slowing down stuff I learned the day before? I ignored it one day later…typical).

So, I baked a flourless Chocolate Cake for my Gluten Freebies, and it is super fun to make. I get to use my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, and any excuse to use it is good—mostly to justify its high price to my husband. “Look honey! I’m using the mixer we bought! I love this thing!”


I also had some Pinspiration to make a Blood Orange and Fennel Salad (bright/festive colors, right?), but our brand new Whole Foods didn’t have blood oranges. So alas, I made a pink grapefruit, beet, and fennel salad, which is just as good I think. I even topped it with goat cheese because who doesn’t like goat cheese? (If you don’t- I hate you).


And then as my mom promptly asked on my Facebook page, which dress did you choose for the party? I guess I didn’t realize that I’d be talking so much about dresses for the party, but indeed, I had! So I went with the sequin gold long sleeve dress which was super comfy (it was like a tee shirt inside), and I paired it with a HOT PINK skinny belt to give a little P.O.C. (pop of color).




photo 4


photo 2



The party had amazing food that wasn’t so veggie friendly (bacon wrapped dates, shrimp, prosciutto wrapped melon, etc.), and then some veggie friendly options as well. Really, I was more interested in the amazing Champagne Jello Shots and the Cranberry and Champagne cocktail.

photo 3



Sidebar: when my grandma asked me what type of church events I go to as the “preachah’s wiiiife” (thick southern accent), and I started telling her, she said, “do you only go to the things where they serve wine??”—and I think she was totally right. Hey, we’re Episcopalians…that’s our “thing”—for better or worse. By the way, if you’ve met my grandma, she’s the most lovely and wonderful grandma ever—and she says what she thinks and she means what she says. And she doesn’t know how to work the internet which is good for me right about now, because I’d probably get in trouble…mom, can tell her I said really sweet things about her on the blog? K,  Thanks, Bye.

❤ lybi


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