Boot Season

Happy Monday!

In most other parts of the country, it’s boot season. When I lived in NYC, I had the most fabulous rain/snow boots that were perfect for this time of year. In South Carolina, and probably in my native Georgia, everyone pretends that it’s cold enough to need boots. I am totally fine with this imaginary cold weather by the way…it was like a race to see who would wear tights and boots to work first.

The high today in Columbia, SC is 78. And in case you aren’t aware, it’s December 3rd. I am dreaming about January and February when it’ll be cold and the boots can come off—well…go on.

I’ve been searching for black riding boots for probably 2 years or so. I have black boots with a heel that are great for work and church and heel-events, but just a basic black riding boot seems simple-but it’s totally not. I am on the hunt.

So let’s throw out a little comparison.






boot 7


I WANT THEM ALL. Now without clicking the link below YET…PLAY THE GAME! In the comment section, tell me:

HINT: They range in price from $74.99-$495.00 –one pair is on sale otherwise it would be $545.00 (yeah. Won’t be getting those.)

  1. Before you look, which ones do you think are the cheapest?
  2. Which are the most expensive?
  3. Which are your favorites?
  4. Which are your least favorites?

NOW LOOK! (and see BOOT CREDS)  Polyvore Boot Comparison

Were you right? Are you gonna order the $495 boots like I wish I could?

Alright, now that we’re all depressed about my champagne tastes on a beer (like really cheap PBR) budget…let’s get back to our Mondays!

Love ya, Bean it ❤

PS: Another 20-something post is in the works…who will it be?

PPS: David and I have been hooked on Season One of Homeland this weekend. We have 4 episodes left (meaning we watched 8 this weekend). It is super suspenseful and awesome so far. Plus, who doesn’t love Claire Danes aka Angela. Still waiting for Jared Leto to stop being creepy and to start getting hot again. Anyone else?


8 thoughts on “Boot Season

  1. first pair cheapest, second pair… what is that black alligator (lets skip to question 4) ugliest… third from the top most expensive, fifth from the top are the ones I would like

  2. Second pair are the cheapest; sixth pair most expensive. Last pair are my favorite…don’t really like the other ones; they prob look better on.
    Now, time to check my answers!
    love tina

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