Out With the Old

You found it!

Being that it is the last day of the month, I figured, this is the best time to launch a new site!!! For the record and for any 2 month old bloggers, I was having a really hard and frustrating time with my old blogspot. It would freeze and I tried for 2 months to adjust the fonts and formatting and while it said it was changed, it simply wasn’t.

I would get so excited for the reaction towards new fonts and new colors for links and all that EXCITING stuff, but none of it would show up.

I’d be like, “David, can you see the new cool font on the header???” and he’s all, “nope. It looks like Comic Sans”, and then I’d cry because no professional person would ever dream of using comic sans…and then he’d say, “nah, just kidding. But it’s just plan Arial or Georgia.”


comic sans

So, since I’m a big blog reader, and a firm believer in the quality of what you read versus the “look” of the  site, the flipside is that pretty sites are appealing. Right girls? You should want to keep reading and you should want a coworker to look over your shoulder and be like, “what’s that you’re reading over there”?–Not that you’d be reading this at work.

So anyways, yeah, I wanted a change. Plus, having a dot.com seems easier to remember and I spent a large portion of last night moving all the posts over so that no one would ever have to visit the old site. So here ya go, add this one to your Bookmarks or Favorites.


December begins tomorrow and that marks a lot of things.

  1. New Month
  2. New Blog location (actually that started today)
  3.  2 Month completion of my Bible Challenge. (Day 61 November 30 Numbers 33-35Psalm 51Luke 9)
  4.  25 Days til’ Christmas, my absolute Favorite time of year
  5.  12 Days til’ my little sister turns 21! (She’s had a countdown going since last year it seems. My sisterly advice: don’t do anything too stupid, don’t drive anywhere and don’t end up in the hospital. Otherwise, have fun and enjoy that first legal drink in the bar or restaurant. It is a pretty cool feeling, I remember being so proud to show my REAL id. You’ll probably still be all nervous or maybe you’ll be the overly confident girl who’s like, “HERE I AM! IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! GIVE ME A SHOT! Either way, have fun! )
  6. 25 Days til my “due-date”, I was supposed to be a Xmas baby, but no, I made my mom wait a whole 2 weeks longer. (sorry, mom.) Born Jan 6 though, so I’m an epiphany baby.

So on this last day of November, I hope everyone has a HAPPY FRIDAY and a great weekend! I’m going to one of those Holiday Parties I’ve been planning outfits for since October and I’m super excited! I am also in charge of bringing food—I’m thinking a Flourless Chocolate Cake (for all my Gluten Free friends out there), and a Blood Orange and Fennel Salad, because the colors are festive and we need a salad because everyone else is bringing cheesy things. I love cheesy apps by the way, I just thought I’d mix it up. Can’t wait to have that signature Bourbon Cocktail we all tested out!

Thanks for checking out the new blog, and for reading for 2 months. (or one day, I’m still thankful). I’m enjoying this a lot and I hope you are too.


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