Holiday Arrivals

For the record, I bought NOTHING online yesterday for Cyber Monday. Why is that a holiday by the way?


So, for the latest addition of what’s arrived, I have a few holiday additions to add the the new closet rack. (Which by the way is holding up really well).


So, this Saturday, we’ve got our first Holiday party of the season! Can’t wait to head over the Addie and James to celebrate. So what to wear? We’ve all decided on something “festive” so…




SEQUINS, Y’ALL! This MMC dress from Piperlime is awesome. I am thinking about wearing this dress that I just got, but just as it seems in the pic, it needs to be hemmed up a lil’ bit.  So mission hem dress is what’s on the schedule for this week. I won’t be wearing those shoes that look like she dipped her feet in black tar. Maybe with black jeans, not with this.


Another little number I got in the mail last week? This THML Embellished Shoulder Dress. Is this an option? It may be a little “formal” for the festive party. Maybe I could wear this to church on Christmas Eve?




Another option I have already, and I’ve only worn it in the summer is this little number.




Kind of Holiday-esque? No?


Lastly, I have this green number from Piperlime as well. I wore it my my friends Bryan and Danielle’s wedding about a month ago, but would love to wear it again when I’m not feeling injured (you know what I mean if you were there).




We shall see…


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