Thank you Anna for writing yesterday and sharing your really amazing story with the readers.  All of my NICU friends really loved it and can I just say that the video was a personal fav. Especially the end of the video-y’all are funny. You are hopefully the first of many twenty something to share their story…and I really appreciate it!


Also, with all the thanks going around, thanks for reading. Y’all are awesome. And thankfully I got home safely for the holiday, just in time to get ready for girls night tonight. Thanksgiving Lady Night, that is. So sorry for being absent poster today—I’m home, can ya blame me?? I’m surrounded by green beans, family, prosecco and pies…can’t stay online long.


Will all that, I’m gonna sign off with a little food rec if your ever in or near Atlanta, since that’s where I am. Go here. Souper Jenny. Every time we’re home, we try to go. It’s awesome. We went today. I got the pumpkin black bean soup which was amazing. Great little hole in the wall.



Happy Almost Thanksgiving! <3lybi


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