My Little Tough Guy

Since one friend from the dog park follows my blog, and I promised I’d blog about the craziness that ensued yesterday…here goes. Let me set the scene a little bit. Our dog park is a 3 acre dog park of amazingness–I think that’s what Colonel Mustard would say. There’s sand, there’s an in ground pool, there are woods, there are farm animals (on the other side of the fence–otherwise there might not be farm animals), there are sticks and Frisbee’s and balls…you get it, dog heaven, right?


So all the “regulars” are hanging out, talking while they’re dogs are kind of just, chillin’.


And then we arrive. 


And let’s just say that Colonel Mustard is still in his terrible two’s (he just turned 2 so for those of you that have owned dogs before…you know what the first 2-3 years are like). He is very well behaved at home–aren’t they all–and usually okay at the park, but he’s just SO EXCITED to be there every day.


So anyways, we go in, I make him sit (to establish some semblance of alpha authority over our spoiled dog), take his leash off, and he sprints…and I mean…SPRINTS to meet up with his best-buds!!


While most of the dogs are used to this,


they’re probably just thinking: “look busy…sniff something, pretend we’re sleeping…here comes Colonel Mustard”



Usually most of the dogs humor Colonel and run around with him for a while, all parents (humans) are happy that they’re dogs are running around and getting worn out. Well yesterday, Colonel got a little over-excited and one of his friends wasn’t having it. They had a “scary-barking-in-your-face” type throw down, until they actually started going after each other.


Let me say…if you are a regular at a dog park, you know that this type of thing just happens. Not to all dogs, but when your dog is as in-your-face as Colonel is, it happens to him sometimes.


So, a little dog “fight” ensued. It only went on for probably 10 seconds and while I’m trying to break them up, they’ve conveniently moved into a dark puddle of something gross. Trying to grab Colonel was like trying to grab a greased pig. No, I’ve never done that before, but it’s what I’d imagine. He was slick and wet with gross-dog-park-puddle. As soon as we broke it up, we make the dogs sniff butts (which is just to be like…”look, we can all get along…y’all are friends, remember?”) So as soon as we did that, Colonel and his friend continued to play together for 30 minutes–completely forgetting they just had a little tussle.




 And again, this caused no real alarm because when you go to a dog park every day, the odds of this type thing happening are pretty high–at least in our experience. No one was badly hurt, Colonel has a little puncture wound, and I sent David this message as we were leaving the park.(yesth is in Colonel’s voice…you know how pets have an assigned voice, right?)






******This animal-related post is for my soon to be veterinarian-sister, and it happens to be her BDAY TODAY!! Happy Birthday Lis! Can’t wait til you’re a vet and you can stitch up my dog for free!!!!



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