Closet Reveal

Get ready!!!!!It’s time for….OPRAHS FAVOR-ITE THIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!


Nah, just kidding. But it is time for…part 1 of closet update!!!


This past Sunday I had about 3 hours of David time so I took full advantage and we went to Lowe’s to get started on this closet/3rd bedroom project.


So, what did we decide?


We decided to do a bar across one whole side of the room (about 10.5 feet)–we’d share that and see how that worked space wise. When it comes to DIY, I tend to just do it, and then re-do it later if I hate my first attempt. But when I get an idea, I like to do it right away. (Hence while I rearrange furniture a lot and move things around a lot–sorry DW.)


To begin:


We went to Lowe’s and bought a 10ft long iron pole. I thought about copper b/c it was prettier, but I think it’s softer, and I wanted something that wouldn’t bend. So, iron it was. We needed 10ft 6 inches, so I bought a lot of the little iron coupling and iron nipples (that is what they’re called…). Can you imagine iron nipples? Weird. The whole project cost about $40 (about $12 for the 10ft pole, about $10 for each end flange–the flat piece–and about $2-3 for the nipples and coupling).



We put the whole thing together and made sure it fit in the space–and then I wanted to make the plain black pipe look pretty. So how’d I do that? Spray paint of course. It’s the only DIY thing I am really good at.


And since I liked the copper color, I went with a gold spray paint (cost: only free dollars because I already had it).



Spray painting tip that I’m sure you learned already from YHL, when spray painting, you do several coats from about a foot or so away (to avoid drips). So this was like coat 2 or 3.



I really started to like the gold color paired with the modern/industrial look of the pipe. When things start looking like this, I get excited.




We let it dry (for about 3 minutes b/c I am not patient), and then I got my assistant to help me put that baby in. We made sure to hang it high enough so my longest dresses wouldn’t touch the floor (and David’s albs too), and we made it far enough from the wall behind it so a coat hanger would have plenty of space (IE wouldn’t be bumping the wall at all). The pole ended up being about a foot and half away from the wall.



Sorry for the crooked picture, but here’s the current “After”. We still have some major work to do in this room like adding a chair or two, installing some shelving, hanging art and probably more hanging space or shelves on the other side of the room. Can you tell where David’s clothes end and mine begin? I thought, “I have so much more space for clothes!” Do y’all like the mid-century clock? Probably too small for that space now that I look at the picture…but an awesome clock nonetheless.


Also, if you’re wondering, that “doorway” was closed off to make this room a 3rd bedroom–I suspect because we’re in a college town and lots of college students cram into houses with all their friends. We debated asking if we could remove the sheet rock that’s blocking it off, but we decided to live with it because we’re renters. Also, it connects to the kitchen on the other side, so unless we made this room an office or something more suitable to be attached to the kitchen, it really wouldn’t work.



I’d also like to get all matching hangers–wood ideally–but that would’ve made the project more than $40, so we’ll just have to do that gradually as we retire plastic hangers. I got David to get rid of all the wire hangers (wire hangers=hate), so that was a start! I don’t like plastic ones b/c things slide off, so…better start saving our pennies.


So–for a half room shot–whatcha think? Good idea, no? It’s an adjustment to get ready in another room, but its really nice to have less clutter in our bedroom. Especially because hanging up clothes is not my strong suit. Do laundry? Any day. Fold clothes? No problem. Put them away? Like on hangers? I think I’d rather just pick my clean clothes off the sofa from the folded pile. Thanks.



And just for fun because who doesn’t love this stuff….





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