What’s Arrived

Confession: I have an online shopping problem. Ya see, my mom said, “hey, I need your Birthday and Christmas Lists”, which she usually does this time of year. So I start continue my shopping online and compile a huge list for her. And then I see things that just can’t wait. My thinking, “if I don’t get any new clothes until December 25th, what could I possibly wear between now and then”? I’ve got holiday party invitations already on the fridge…so yeah, I continue shopping. Let me also say that I tend to buy some trends and mix with vintage-esque things, mixed with classics. So I have a wide variety of clothing tastes…as you can see by my Pinterest boards pertaining to clothes.



Working Woman


Accessorize Daily.


Happiest of Feet.



I have the privilege of a nicely-dressed office environment, where some of us seem to play fashion show daily…always showing off the latest and greatest of our online purchases. While two of my coworker friends in particular favor daily-deal sites like Rue La La and Ideeli, I tend to order straight from the source. Well…first through ebates, then to the source.


(if you’re an online shopper, and you don’t use Ebates, I suggest you try it out. You get usually like 2-20% cash back on your purchases, which is cool b/c you are gonna buy it anyways–if you’re like me. They send you a check in the mail, so basically, yeah, you’re being paid to shop).


So anyways, let’s do a little “what’s arrived” post to show you what just came in the mail.


Item 1 here is Urban Outfitters “Reformed by the Reformation” Dress–sale for $39.99, plus 2.5% back from Ebates (which is pocket change but its adds up). It’s a super light material that will transition well year-round. Imagine with a long leopard coat like this one from Zara, or a cute little bow belt for the spring and summer.


Item 2 is Sparkle & Fade Floral Twill Pant–sale again for $29, plus 2.5% back. I mean, I think these are amazing and with a black top even a bright red top, yes. My wonderful husband might disagree b/c when I held them up with a huge smile, he kind of gave me that, “um…okay…” look that I love so much. At least they aren’t for him, right?


Item 3 that I got in the mail didn’t work for me, so I’m going to probably re-gift it to one of my sisters for xmas/bday since we all have winter birthdays. (Sorry, Mom). So, I can’t post it til I give it away because I know my sister’s are reading this blog…RIGHT?


I’ve already got another order that should be coming in today or tomorrow, so assuming they work out, they too will be shared.


My Favorite Online Shopping Sites/Stores for Clothes:





Urban Outfitters

Shop Style


The Limited




Forever 21


❤ lybi





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