It’s Friday…Friday

Happy Friday Before Halloween!!!

Now that we’re too old to Trick-or-Treat, we’ll be home next Wednesday handing out candy which is not as fun as Trick-or-Treating. No one ever said it was, but this was a realization we had last year.

 Last year–our first year to have a house to give candy out of– it involved a lot of…


…”Ding Dong”…

Colonel Mustard: “BARK BARK BARK!” (HACKLES UP…looking really scary though the glass door)

Bean: “I’m gonna grab the candy! David—grab the DOG!”

David: “I’m trying!”


(cue babies crying and kids running away…not really)

Bean: “Happy Halloween!!! What are you supposed to be? It’s okay, eh heh… he’s a nice doggy…(under breath–David–get the dog BACK).”


He really is a nice doggy by the way-not mean. He likes his butt scratched and he wears shower caps. What’s not to love?

Did that Halloween-last-year-reenactment come out as stressful as it felt? Because it was stressful. You can’t watch a movie b/c the doorbell keeps ringing, you can’t keep the dog calm because the doorbell keeps ringing, you don’t know how much candy to give out b/c you don’t know how many kids are gonna come (or teenagers, if you were me when I was 15). And then you turn out the lights when the candy is gone. That’s the rule, right? I think not everyone knows that rule. We got some ding-dongers after the lights went out…like 10:30pm…NOT COOL.WE ARE OLD AND IN BED AT 10:30.

But since it’s the Friday before, we are going out. We’re dressing up. And hitting one of the best Columbia bars. The Whig. Tonight is Whig-o-Ween, and I’m super excited (wish it had something to do with the former-band, Ween).

What are we dressing up as you might ask?

That’s right, we’re going to be The Tooth Fairy and a Tooth. Thank you Pinterest. (and thank you David)

And I am all…

But I have an amazing husband who doesn’t mind being a TOOTH for Halloween! Yes! Success! Pictures to come. Stay tuned.

What is everyone else doing this Friday before Halloween? Does anyone else think that the scariest part of Halloween are the people working at the Halloween stores?



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