Best Ever.

Momentary Break from Bible Reading–I never said thats what this blog was all about, okay?


I had the most amazing weekend spending time with some of my best friends from all over the country….


Cat, Dot and Kristina…my Boulderite Bridesmaids and Besties…the artists in my life…the baker, the musician, and the outdoorsy educator…I am always inspired by you three. Thank you for good music, good talks, and good laughs, and great memories as always.



This pic is from another wedding weekend, but these are my Colorado girls (who should move back South already…no pressure), and another bestie, Whitney (who has video footage of me could be worth a blog post)..


(Whit, Bean, Tina, Cat and Dot)



This is from this weekend…my ladies. (And my brother in law, Matt).

(MB, Dot, Tina, Matt, and Cat)





In addition to them, we got to see Mike and Jess this weekend. They’re our stalker-friends who lived in NYC while David and I did, and then they FOLLOWED us down south; except they moved to the better, prettier Carolina…and we live in South Carolina, so I’ll let y’all figure that out. Mike and Jess are our best music makin’, game playin’, beer drinkin’, back kickin’ (literally) friends.

(Mike, David, Gross Moustaches, Bean, Jess, and the beautiful Bride, Danielle)





In addition to those great friends above, we got to catch up with our other Stalker friends who FOLLOWED us to NYC, and then continued to follow us down south, but they’re in Tennessee now. Brad and Gale are our role models basically. We talk about Camp Mikell for hours, we talk about life, families, all while they’re trying to freeze me out of their house and pumping me with Miller Ladies.

(Gale is right next to me, and Brad is right behind her in pic below).






We all had the most fun weekend with some little mishaps, but overall, one of the best times I’ve had in a long time–thank you Bryan and Danielle for an amazing wedding weekend. We even spent part of Friday night snooping through the hidden floors of the Haunted Windsor Hotel where we stayed for the wedding (mostly ghost hunting, ya know…no big deal). We saw things that were weird and scary and all of that made for one of the best weekends ever.




I was kidding about all the stalker comments before, btw. Love you all!


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