Day One

So I started this email to some girl friends, and then decided post it. No, I have no agenda. No, I’m not trying to force anything on anyone (except wine…Episcopalians love wine, every day).

So… the Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina has issued a challenge to folks to read the Bible in a year. I first heard of it and was like, “please whatevah…’ (Barn ladies will get that if they remember me talking in my sleep). When I first heard Bible Challenge I had images of the Documentary Jesus Camp and I wasn’t interested (can I say Yikes without offending anyone?) Yikes. Anyways…after marrying the priest and already turning down an invitation to join some other groups at church (QUIT JUDGING ME), I figured one thing I could try would be this. No pressure…I’ll do it on my own…If I fail…only you all will know and y’all will love me anyways…but I wanted to put it out there if anyone else had time to do this and wanted to. 

So to be really lazy (and because I know myself well enough to know that I won’t do it after work when the Housewives and Flipping Out are on), I downloaded the Bible app because it has a read-aloud option. So i’m going to try to do this on my commute to and from work. Hell–the radio ain’t got anything good (okay, that new Carrie Underwood song is good and I love me some Rihanna and Beyonce). So, Day One… this is the plan.

 October 1: Genesis 1-3; Psalm 1; Matthew 1

Its 5:04, and I’m still at work (OMG…how annoying), so I’ll do it on my way home…see how it goes. Rumor has it the reader on the app even has a British Accent. HOT. I’ll report back on that once I actually start. Am I procrastinating already? Crap.

And for overachievers (this won’t guarantee you a spot in Heaven so no need to rush), here’s tomorrows assignment. 

October 2: Genesis 4-6; Psalm 2; Matthew 2



Now, I’m outta here and off to the dog park with Colonel Mustard (aka da tweetest boi). PARK TIME!!!





One thought on “Day One

  1. […] My self-challenge? To read the Bible in a year. If you know me, you know that in addition to being married to an Episcopal priest, I am super competitive and love a challenge. And the Bible is on the list of top 50 or 100 books everyone should read, so I figured “why not”. And this morning, I finished it. […]

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